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Network connection

Your connection to the natural gas distribution network

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Your network connection, step by step


Submit a request

Contact request

You can use our “Gas connection contact form” to request that your building be connected to our natural gas distribution network. Send us the completed form, together with the necessary documents for your request, by email or by post. Consult our FAQs for help filling out your request.

Once your request has been processed, you will receive a letter to make an appointment with SUDenergie on site.


(We recommend downloading the document and filling it out in Acrobat Reader)


Check the feasibility

Determine and agree on the terms and conditions

During an on-site appointment, we will survey the premises and provide you with instructions on any work that may need to be performed beforehand (e.g. trench for the connection line or opening in a wall).


Note: You are responsible for the trench between the natural gas distribution network and the connection point for your building. The necessary permits for carrying out work on public property must be obtained before the work begins. SUDenergie will connect you to the natural gas distribution network at the time agreed with your contractor.


Estimate and order placement

Quotation and signing of the contract

You will receive a quote estimating the costs of connecting to the natural gas network. By signing the “Conditions Particulières du Contrat de raccordement” (Special Connection Contract Conditions), you give us the order to carry out the connection work.


Before starting the installation work in your building, we ask that you fill out the “Application for commissioning of an installation” form and the Alugaz “Notification of work on a gas installation” form together with your installer.


The gas installation may only be carried out by an approved installer. You can find a list of approved installers in Luxembourg here.


Your natural gas installation

by your installer and SUDenergie

After certifying and checking the conformity of the natural gas installation, SUDenergie installs the meter. We will arrange an appointment with you to do so.

Once your meter has been installed, you will receive a bill for the installation costs and the network usage contract, which you must return to SUDenergie as soon as possible.

The installation work is complete.

For whom is the network connection intended?

For homeowners who have decided to switch to a more economical form of heating (which makes it easy to choose the inclusion of renewable energy).

How does SUDenergie help with the network connection?

We offer expert advice on site and draw up a (free) estimate for the connection work.

Advice for developers

If you want to switch from oil to natural gas, you can benefit from an additional bonus. You can find more detailed information at www.enoprimes.lu

Advice for installers

To be eligible for the bonus, the application must be made on the website www.enoprimes.lu before the customer signs the order.

Map of the distribution network

The SUDenergie natural gas network covers our 14 shareholder municipalities:


  • Esch-sur-Alzette
  • Differdange
  • Pétange
  • Schifflange
  • Sanem
  • Käerjeng
  • Bettembourg
  • Kayl
  • Rumelange
  • Mondercange
  • Roeser
  • Reckange-sur-Mess
  • Dippach
  • Garnich

Check to see if your address is supplied
Check the Geoportal to see if SUDenergie is available at your location


We have already answered some of the questions for you

You have opted for a gas connection.

For new buildings, please follow the instructions under Network operation Your network connection, step by step.


To become a customer, please take the following steps:

  1. Choose your natural gas product
    Use the tariff calculator or go directly to the tariff of your choice

    Use the tariff calculator and find the gas tariff that suits your needs. As a household, you can choose between SUDgaz Classic and our environmentally friendly SUDgaz Green biogas tariff.
  2. How to receive your contract documents
    By post or email

    Depending on your selection during the registration process (moving in/out, changing suppliers or new build/first-time buyer), we will send you all the necessary documents by email or by post. In addition to the General Terms and Conditions, you will also receive the tariff conditions applicable to the offer you selected for confirmation.
  3. Finalise your supply contract
    Fill out and confirm the documents you received

    Fill out the “Contrat de fourniture intégrée - Conditions Particulières” (Integrated Supply Contract – Special Conditions) form and confirm the information with your signature. Read the General Terms and Conditions “Conditions Générales” and confirm them with your signature. Return the completed documents to us at the address given.
  4. We take care of the rest
    You are now a SUDenergie customer

    We take care of everything that comes next. If you are requesting a change of supplier, we will contact your previous supplier and manage your transfer, taking into account the 21-day notice period. We are now your contact person for your natural gas tariff.

    Become a customer now
How can I check whether the SUDenergie network is available in my area?

You can see whether natural gas from SUDenergie is available in your area here:

Luxembourg Geoportal 

Who maintains the SUDenergie network?

The pipelines are checked by your network operator as well as by the two subcontractors Gazomat and Sewerin.