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Fair natural gas tariffs for all of Luxembourg

Find the natural gas tariff that suits your needs – choose between SUDgaz Classic and SUDgaz Green for private households or our special natural gas tariff for large consumers.

Tariff calculator

Natural gas

Our natural gas tariffs

SUDgaz Classic

Our Classic natural gas tariff

SUDgaz Green 50

Our environmentally friendly natural gas tariff with 50% biogas

SUDgaz Green 100

Our environmentally friendly natural gas tariff with 100% biogas

If you exclusively use our “mySUDenergie” online portal to manage your contract, we will reduce your bill by €30/year.

* Non-contractual tariffs, valid for private individuals, based on your data in the tariff calculator. The price includes the energy price, the costs of using the network, the monthly service price, gas tax, CO2 tax and 8% VAT.

The above prices include the temporary subsidy of the grid costs provided by the Luxembourgish State. The amount will be deduced from your annual bill. You'll find more information on the Ministry of Energy's website.

Are you a large consumer?

If your annual natural gas consumption exceeds 40,000 m3, then you are one of our large consumers and have the possibility of obtaining an individual tariff calculation.

The advantages of natural gas

Natural gas is convenient

It feels good to live in properly heated rooms. Reliable heating technology, adapted to your needs, ensures comfort in your home.

Natural gas is practical

Compared to other energy sources such as fuel oil or wood pellets, you don’t need to keep ordering or store natural gas. No tank or storage space is needed.

Natural gas is clean

Not only is natural gas an efficient and convenient way to heat your home, it also has environmental benefits: natural gas is the fossil fuel with the lowest emissions. Like biogas, natural gas improves the environmental balance – whether for heating or cooking.

Natural gas is economical

You can count on proven, efficient natural gas technologies that are continually being further developed – all at reasonable investment costs and affordable consumption prices.

Natural gas is environmentally friendly

Natural gas and fuel oil are fossil fuels that emit CO2. when burned. However, the combustion of natural gas emits much less CO2 and much less particulate matter than the combustion of heating oil. The CO2 emissions of your heating system can be reduced by 24% by switching to the environmentally friendly energy source of natural gas.

Natural gas supports the energy transition

The possibility of adding biogas to conventional natural gas further reduces the already low emissions.