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Become a SUDenergie customer
in 4 steps


Choose your preferred tariff and become a SUDenergie customer

Use the calculator or go directly to the tariff of your choice

Use the tariff calculator and find the natural gas tariff that suits your needs. As a household, you can choose between SUDgaz Classic and our environmentally friendly SUDgaz Green biogas products.

You can also select one of the natural gas tariffs directly and start the ordering process.


Receive your contract documents

By post, email or at our Service Centre in Esch-sur-Alzette

Depending on your selection during the ordering process (moving in/out, change of supplier or new build/first-time buyer), we will send you all the necessary documents by email or by post. In addition to the General Terms and Conditions, you will also find the tariff conditions applicable to the offer you selected as well as the SEPA mandate for your bank if you opted for direct debit.

In the case of new builds / first-time buyers, please take note of the information regarding the preliminary measures for connection to the natural gas network.


Finalise your contract

Fill out and sign the documents you received

Confirm the “Contrat de fourniture intégrée - Conditions Particulières” (Integrated Supply Contract – Special Conditions) form with your signature.

If you opted for payment by direct debit, fill out and sign the SEPA mandate.

Send us back all the completed elements in the reply envelope. Postage is paid by SUDenergie.


We take care of the rest

You are now a SUDenergie customer

We take care of everything that comes next. If you are requesting a change of supplier, we will contact your network operator and manage your transfer, taking into account the 21-day notice period.

We are now your contact person for your natural gas supply.

To the tariff calculator
Receive an offer that suits your needs