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Renewable energies

As a responsible player in the energy market, SUDenergie has been increasingly committed to actively promoting the energy transition since 2015.

We promote renewable energies

Local sustainable energy projects

As an energy supplier in Luxembourg, we focus our efforts on improving sustainability by implementing renewable energy projects at the local level. Since 2015, we have been investing in local renewable solar and wind energy.

Let’s make progress together!

In close cooperation with our 14 shareholder municipalities, we invest in a more sustainable future. Our partner municipalities are Esch-sur-Alzette, Differdange, Pétange, Schifflange, Sanem, Käerjeng, Bettembourg, Kayl, Rumelange, Mondercange, Roeser, Reckange-sur-Mess, Dippach and Garnich.

Furthermore, SUDenergie is forging partnerships with other municipalities. With its many years of experience as an energy supplier and now as a developer of renewable energy projects, SUDenergie is a reliable partner for your projects.

Advancing the energy transition in Luxembourg

Photovoltaic projects

In recent years, SUDenergie has installed numerous small to medium-sized photovoltaic systems as well as industrial projects. Doing so has allowed us to gain experience over the past few years, which SUDenergie is happy to share. SUDenergie offers you several support options so that you, too, can have a photovoltaic project that contributes to clean energy.

As the owner, you can rent your roof to SUDenergie, provided it has a surface of 200 m2 or higher. This business model includes the investment and management of the PV system by SUDenergie. You will receive annual rental payments. In addition to the rent, you can take over the PV system at the end of the contract period, becoming the owner of the installation.

SUDenergie also offers PV citizen participation programmes. This is a way for you, as an individual citizen, to invest in a PV installation by becoming a shareholder in the citizen participation company. Even if you cannot install PV panels on your own roof, you can still invest in solar energy. Both the environmental benefit and the economic return are guaranteed.

More about photovoltaics

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Our solar power plants in Luxembourg

GN Logistics
279.000 kWh
310,00 kWp
Alwitra flat roof
Atelier communal Sprinkange
68.040 kWh
75,60 kWp
Trapezoidal sheet metal
Blo Schoul Reckange
26.730 kWh
29,70 kWp
Carrières Feidt
281.700 kWh
313,00 kWp
Trapezoidal sheet metal

Overview of our projects

Wind power projects

Regional wind energy

In 2018, SUDenergie founded SUDWAND S.A., in which it holds a 60% share. SUDWAND is responsible for developing wind power projects in SUDenergie’s shareholder municipalities. The construction of two wind turbine installations with an estimated annual energy production of 15.3 million kWh is planned for 2021. This is equivalent to an average annual consumption of about 4,800 households (about 14,400 people).