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Where can I find the meter number and the meter reading?

The meter number is above the display and begins with the letters ELS or FLO. The meter number is as unique as an ID card number and allows your supplier to know to which household or customer it belongs. The Meter reading shows your actual natural gas consumption at all times.


Your network operator needs your meter reading (shown on the display) and the meter number (see arrows) to communicate your consumption to your natural gas supplier.


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What is a smart meter?

A smart meter is equipped with advanced technologies that enable the energy (electricity, natural gas) or water consumption of each dwelling to be measured at short intervals, the meter readings to be recorded and this data to be transmitted to a central system via the existing electricity grid. The data from our customers’ gas meters is forwarded to SUDenergie.

What are the advantages of a smart meter?

A smart meter gives you a far more detailed insight into your consumption so that you can save energy in the long run by changing your habits. Moreover, smart meters make it possible to read the energy consumption remotely, rendering on-site readings unnecessary.

What data from my smart meter is displayed in the customer portal?

For gas meters, the hourly consumption, daily consumption, monthly consumption and annual consumption are displayed in the customer portal.

My meter is defective. What can I do?

If your meter is defective, please contact us (your network operator): SUDenergie: (+352) 55 66 55 1

Where can I find my meter number?

The meter number is above the display and begins with the letters ELS or FLO. You can find more information and an illustration on our Meter reading page.