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Save energy

Let us help you save energy

As a responsible energy supplier that not only supplies energy under the best conditions, SUDenergie also offers a comprehensive programme to support energy savings.

This incentive scheme that encourages our customers to save energy is already bearing fruit: Since its launch in 2015, more than 5,664 projects have received our support. The savings achieved is equivalent to the annual electricity consumption of approximately over 32,000 households (3-person households, i.e. 3,200 kWh/year).

Feel free to ask us what everyday actions you can take to save energy without making any major investments or compromising on your standard of living.

Whether you are a private individual or a business, SUDenergie will support your efforts to implement energy-saving renovation measures. You will receive a bonus in line with the resulting energy savings.

Are you a private individual?

Would you like to replace your old heating system with a new, efficient and environmentally friendly combustion boiler? SUDenergie rewards your commitment to the environment with a €500 bonus for implementing this energy-saving measure.

To find out how you can benefit from these energy-saving bonuses, please visit www.enoprimes.lu.

In order to benefit from the enoprimes bonus programme, you must first choose a partner company that meets the required conditions. The trained partner companies will be able to answer all your questions.

Important: Before commissioning a company to carry out the work, you must first apply for the bonus.

Receive a bonus for replacing your heating system

To find out how you can benefit from these energy-saving bonuses, please visit www.enoprimes.lu.


You will also find a list of our partner companies there.

Are you a business?

As part of the Luxembourg government’s energy-saving programme, called “Mécanisme d’obligation d’efficacité énergétique”, and the Lean and Green Initiative, SUDenergie supports you with the development of specific energy-saving measures.

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