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Tariff details

valid as of 1st July 2024

1. Natural gas tariff

In order to limit the effects of rising energy prices for end customers, the Luxembourgish governement installed measures to cap the price of natural gas for meter sizes of categories 1 & 2 of the distribution grid.

The following measures have been retained and are valid from 1st October 2022 until 31st December 2024:

• Limiting the increase in the price of natural gas to a maximum of +15% compared to the tariff valid in the month of September 2022. Please note that our gas tariff is below the maximum price since October 2023.

• The already existing measure of taking over the network usage costs will be prolonged until 31st December 2024

You'll find more information here.

Supply of natural gas SUDgaz Classic 72.55 ct/m3



Payment by direct debit

- €1.00/month 

Electronic billing

- €0.50/month 

Contract management via “mySUDenergie” *

- €12.00/year 

* Please refer to the general conditions for using the portal

2. Service price**

Effective power (kW)

Fee (€/month)

Effective power (kW)

Fee (€/month)

< 10


≥ 30


≥ 10


≥ 40


≥ 12


≥ 50


≥ 15


≥ 60


≥ 20


≥ 80


≥ 25


≥ 100


** The effective power of all installed devices is considered

3. Distribution network costs

Meter type


Consumption component

Monthly charges for access to the network
€ / month

Category 1***: G4-G16

SUDenergie network



Other networks



*** for other networks and category 2 : see the official tariffs of the different network operators

4. Natural gas tax and C02 tax on natural gas consumption


Natural gas tax

C02 tax

  ct/m3 ct/m3
Category A : yearly consumption of ≤ 50.045 m3/year



5. General

All prices on this page are exclusive of VAT (8%).

You can download our current tariff datasheet here

All the documents you can download

Demande de fourniture de gaz naturel (Natural gas supply enquiry)
Contrat de fourniture intégrée - Conditions Générales (General Terms and Conditions)
Procuration pour encaissement par ordre de domiciliation bancaire (Direct debit mandate)
Fiche de résiliation de contrat (Moving/cancellation form)
Conditions SUDenergie pour fourniture par défaut (Standard supply conditions)
Tarifs pour la fourniture par défaut (Standard supply tariffs)
Tarifs en cas de non-paiement (Non-payment charges)

Tariff datasheets archive

SUDgaz Classic tariff datasheet valid from 01/05/2024
SUDgaz Classic tariff datasheet valid from 01/01/2024
SUDgaz Classic tariff datasheet valid from 01/11/2023
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SUDgaz Classic tariff datasheet valid from 01/01/2023


To natural gas tariffs

Which tariff is right for me?

As a household, you can choose between the bio natural gas “SUDgaz Green” and the classic natural gas “SUDgaz Classic”.  With bio natural gas, you can choose between 50% or 100% biogas. The rest is conventional natural gas.

What are the advantages of natural gas?

Natural gas is a natural energy source that guarantees you numerous advantages without having to make any other concessions.

Natural gas supports the energy transition
The possibility of adding biogas to conventional natural gas further reduces the already low emissions.

Natural gas is practical
Compared to other energy sources such as fuel oil or wood pellets, you don’t need to keep ordering or store natural gas. No tank or storage space is needed.

Natural gas is convenient
It feels good to live in properly heated rooms. Reliable heating technology, adapted to your needs, ensures comfort in your home.

Natural gas is environmentally friendly
Natural gas and fuel oil are fossil fuels that emit CO2. when burned. However, the combustion of natural gas emits much less CO2 and much less particulate matter than the combustion of heating oil. The CO2 emissions of your heating system can be reduced by 24% by switching to the environmentally friendly energy source of natural gas.

Natural gas is economical
You can count on proven, efficient natural gas technologies that are continually being further developed – all at reasonable investment costs and affordable consumption prices.

Natural gas is clean
Not only is natural gas an efficient and convenient way to heat your home, it also has environmental benefits: natural gas is the fossil fuel with the lowest emissions. Like biogas, natural gas improves the environmental balance – whether for heating or cooking.

Which natural gas tariffs are available to me at SUDenergie?

SUDenergie offers gas tariffs for both households and companies. Please refer to our product pages for more information.

How can I register for a tariff online?

Follow the step-by-step instructions to become a SUDenergie customer or use the tariff calculator to choose your preferred tariff.

If you would like to change your existing SUDenergie natural gas tariff, write an email to frontoffice@sudenergie.lu.

Once I am a customer, how will I be informed of price adjustments?

We will inform you of any price changes at least one month in advance and draw your attention to them on our website as well as in the Luxembourg daily press.