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Rapport annuel 2022

Summary of a very special year

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While in 2021 our company underwent a profound transformation, 2022 was heavily shaped by the ongoing energy crisis and will thus equally be a year that we will remember as a very special one. The recently published annual report showcases the most important events and projects and summarises the results of this extraordinary year.  

"At SUDenergie we are confident about the future and we prefer to focus on the positive aspects of this difficult year. We are convinced that we are well equipped for facing future crises thanks to the resilient relationship we've tied with the government, which is based on a mutual effort to find solutions together.

Also, we were reminded of how strong the bond is with our customers. Even during this crisis they stayed loyal to our company and trusted in our team. We even saw our customer base grow during 2022."
Alain Fürpass, Managing Director, and Romain Rosenfeld, President of the Board of SUDENERGIE SA.

You can download the full report here.