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Energie fir haut a muer

For more than 120 years, SUDenergie has been serving the common interests of its 14 shareholder municipalities. The company is known as a citizen-oriented gas supplier and natural gas network operator in Luxembourg.

Over the years, the company has grown steadily with the goal of providing its customers with energy under the best possible conditions – today and tomorrow. SUDenergie currently operates a natural gas network covering 1,145 km in the southern municipalities and continuously invests in network infrastructure to ensure a very high level of security.

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Sustainable development

As a conscientious energy supplier in Luxembourg, we strive for greater sustainability and are actively involved in local sustainable energy projects. Our knowledge and expertise in the energy sector allow us to judiciously expand our competencies while protecting the environment. Since 2015, we have been investing in local renewable solar and wind energy alongside our 14 shareholder municipalities.

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SUDGAZ becomes SUDenergie

Together, we are continuing to develop and contribute to the energy transition – guided by a sense of reason and responsibility towards customers and the public, shareholders and partners, as well as towards the environment. This development is also anchored in the new company name, SUDenergie.

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