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Rapport annuel 2021

Our new annual report is now available.


As always, the annual report gives insights into the most important events, projects and results of the past year. This time, however, we have put a special focus on the stories and people behind the different projects: 

"After a second year marked by crises - COVID-19 pandemic and energy crisis - we wanted to give more space in this annual report to the women and men of SUDenergie. Our staff have continued their work in all circumstances with such dedication that we owe them our full respect. For 2021, it was therefore important for us to make the annual report more human, more personal."
Alain Fürpass, Managing Director, and Romain Rosenfeld, President of the Board of SUDENERGIE SA.

In this new report, you will thus find a number of project presentations, accompanied by quotes from our employees and customers.

You can download the full report here.